War Card
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War Card

About This Project

War Card Game – A simple card game, where you play against the CPU. You keep dealing cards, whoever gets the higher card gets a point. The game will carry on forever! or until you both draw the same card. The score will then reset.


Next Features:

Feature 1 – Will be adding an onboarding instruction screen explaining how to play the game.

Feature 2 – Adding a final score to the game – once a user its a certain score it will then end the game, adding an animation to show you’re the winner. Then giving you the option to play again

Feature 3 – Adding custom animations to the game, making it more fun and visually exciting to users, so once a point is scored there will be animations to show changes.


The Technology:

IDE: XCode

Language: SwiftUI

Third Party Libraries: None so far, as the game expands and new features are added, will be adding libraries.


The Code:


Mobile App
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