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About This Project

Unify – A new social networking platform for university students to be able to network, look for room mates and apply for jobs directly.


The Need:

I am currently building a platform like no other, as a university student finding others at your campus or on your curse is harder than you think, at the moment the closest thing we have is Facebook groups however its not really target. Especially now, statistics show that the average Facebook user is over 21, meaning that most university students are not on Facebook. They’re on other platforms such as twitter, instagram and tiktok.


The Solution:

Unify! I’m building a social platform, allowing university students to simply search for university students based on different filters such as University, Course or Year. This is the MVP, once you’ve fund a user you can send them messages directly.

Iteration 2 – I will be launching a “Buddy Up” system. This will allow users to search for properties and also find others who are looking at the same property. Allowing users to directly apply to rent from the app, eliminating the use of estate agents.

Iteration 3 – Event Creation, One thing we know is that University students love to party, why wouldn’t they when they spend months on it studying. You’ve got to celebrate some how…so with this feature, we will have a page that shows all the events, you can filter the page to show only events at your university or selected events.

This feature will also have a premium account for event promoters, they will be able to send events to people directly, target students at certain universities, certain courses or year of study.

Iteration 4 – Arguably the most important feature, our job search feature. We plan to allow users to create a job profile only available to recruiters. They will be contacted directly for jobs that suit the profile, allowing students to pick and choose the companies they apply for. Allowing better job matching and hopefully being able to remove spam invitations.


The Technology:

I am currently building this project for iPhone users, once it’s in beta, I will begin production on the android version.

IDE: XCode

Language: Swift 5

Version: iOS 13.0+

Backend: Firebase

Third Party Libraries: Firebase, PanModal, SwiftyJSON, Observable, SearchTextField and a few more


The Code:

As this is a long term project, the repository is private. However, if you would to discuss the technology please get in contact.

Github Link

Code Is Private

Mobile App
App, Mobile

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