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About This Project

Icon – A company built to eradicate the toxicity in gaming.


The Need:

If you’ve ever played a game online with strangers, you’ll know that random online party chats can be a very toxic place, filled with profanity and abuse. As a company we set our sights at stomping out the toxicity from the game, allowing for positives vibes only, while also rewarding gamers for positivity.


The Solution:

Icon! We’re building a platform, starting with mature gamers, our platform will allow our games to come meet others like themselves. For most people, as they get older they have less time so organising time to play games with friends can be difficult because nobody really has the same schedule right? This is where Icon comes in. You can jump on the app at any time, create a party chat for whatever game you’re interested in playing and others can join straight away.

Gamers can also schedule events, for people can subscribe to those event and can book time to play in the future.


My Main Responsibilities:

  • Building friends request system end to end
  • Ability to invite users to parties end to end
  • Notifications feature end to end
  • User Profile – editing profile end to end
  • Planning new features with the team
  • Bug fixing
  • Social media marketing plans


The Code:




Mobile App
Apps, Mobile, swift 4, Xcode

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