Billionaire Closes
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Billionaire Closes

About This Project

Billionaire Closes – Sales Education App

For most of my professional career, i’ve worked within the sales industry as a property consultant. I built this app to help other sales people who may not be as experienced know how to deal with difficult situations and ultimately, close the deal!

The Solution:

A large hobby of mine was teaching others the skills I learnt from working as a salesman in the real estate industry. So I had an idea of turning this into a mobile app. The app would allow users to register, create a profile and be able to select their industry, they could then find ver 100 different methods I’ve used and created to close more sales and ultimately get more deals. The app would give you what to say, you then tweak it a little based on industry, it would then explain how it works and why it works.

The Technology:

I am currently building this project for iPhone users, once it’s in beta, I will begin production on the android version.

IDE: XCode

Language: Swift 3

Version: iOS 9.0+

Backend: Firebase

Third Party Libraries: Firebase


The Code:

Currently rebuilding this app, there will be a new code repository available to view soon.

Github Link

Rebuilding app - link will be available soon

Mobile App
Firebase, Programmatically, Swift 5, Xcode

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